Tablet PC Program

Power & Versatility at Your Command
Through IND’s One-to-One Tablet PC Program, you’ll enjoy the best the tech world has to offer. On your PC, you can create content, multitask, store files, download applications and keyboard easily, because it is a full powered personal computer. Switch modes, and you can use it as a tablet, offering a touchscreen and flexible applications. Our Help Desk staff minimize down time with quick support and an ample supply of loaners.
As a freshman, you’ll receive a brand new school-owned tablet PC and attend a three-day training course to learn how to use it. IND’s faculty use technology to amplify, broaden and deepen your learning experience. Our system includes a safe wireless network, online educational resources, the latest software programs as well as training and support for students, faculty and parents.  You'll also get an Office 365 account, 1 terabyte of on-line file storage, and access to Autodesk and Adobe Creative Cloud software.
Our upgraded infrastructure includes new routers, switches, servers and additional bandwidth, and our classrooms feature whiteboards and short-throw projectors with built-in audio systems capable of supporting multimedia presentations.
It’s all part of the plan to ensure you graduate with an in-depth knowledge of how technology can serve you as a valuable tool in college, career and life.

Tablet Camp - Tech Training for Freshmen

Before beginning IND, you attend a three-day Tablet Camp to learn how to use your new computer. Assisted by teachers and other students, you’ll learn the ins and outs of IND’s system and your PC, as well as the academic tools you’ll use every day. Camp begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. On the first day, your parents are required to come.
Dr. Margaret Gessler, MD
410.522.7800 x253
Georgetown University, School of Medicine - MD

Ms. Diane Holley
Technology Teacher
West Virginia University - MSSE
Wake Forest University - MBA
West Virginia University - BSCS

Mr. Robert Calambro
Help Desk Coordinator
410.522.7800 ext. 287
University of Baltimore - BS