About IND

Mission & Philosophy

Through the decades, IND has remained true to its tradition as an all-girls school, guiding young women to success in their careers and to leadership in their communities. IND has remained faithful to the vision and mission of its founders.

Mission Statement

The Institute of Notre Dame, founded in 1847 by the Sisters of Notre Dame, is a college preparatory school for young women. Located in and committed to Baltimore City, our history and future are rooted in the universal values of the Catholic faith and the SSND educational vision. IND nurtures a diverse and inclusive community of joyful learners who thrive in a long tradition of sisterhood. A challenging curriculum, complemented with opportunities to grow in faith, leadership, and service, inspires IND students to think independently and to act courageously, positively and tenaciously. One Mind, One Heart.


The Institute of Notre Dame is a girls Catholic high school committed to a philosophy of education inspired by the foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Blessed Theresa of Jesus. Believing that each person is a unique image of God, we strive to enable every young woman to develop to the fullness of her potential. We challenge her to grow in her ability to become self-directed, to reach out to others, and to make responsible choices. Committed to Gospel values, we encourage each student to develop a Christian conscience by which she can guide her life and contribute to building a more just and loving world.

We create an environment that enables students to understand and accept themselves and others as persons of dignity and worth. We educate our students to become lifelong learners equipped with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to be successful in a rapidly changing world. We provide opportunities to study and experience other cultures and nations, educating students to recognize and respond to world issues.

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  • Belief Statement

    In accordance with our philosophy, we, the Institute of Notre Dame, commit ourselves to providing quality educational and spiritual experiences which develop in students:
    • an appreciation of IND’s heritage and traditions
    • integrity, honor and self-worth
    • a moral self and a Christian conscience
    • the ability to make healthy and wise choices
    • independence, problem solving and critical thinking skills
    • a deep relationship with God through prayer and communal worship experiences
    • a respectful attitude toward others
    • leadership skills
    • an awareness of shared responsibilities among students, families, staff and administration
    • a spirit of collaboration in the educational process among faculty, students and their parents
    • creative abilities and an appreciation of the arts
    • a respect for different learning styles
    • research skills and a responsibility for learning
    • the ability to utilize developing technologies and their applications
    • an ability to value their own and other cultures
    • the motivation to be active and responsible members of society and to participate in the political process
    • a world vision and sense of global responsibility
  • Equity & Inclusion

    Located in Baltimore City, the Institute of Notre Dame nurtures a diverse and inclusive community. IND is dedicated to promoting global citizenship and fostering a community of respect through prioritizing inclusion and diversity of identity and thought. IND understands that equity and inclusion work is constantly evolving and includes educating our community on race, age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, ability, religion, body image, family of origin, family make-up, learning styles, beliefs (political, social, religious) and globalism.
Established by the
School Sisters of
Notre Dame in 1847.