Academics as Special as You

IND believes you deserve an education that meets your strengths, your goals, your needs. Get ready to be challenged to do your personal best, as you design a schedule that suits you within four learning levels. IND’s faculty place you individually, so you could be in different levels in different subjects, such as Honors English and College Prep math. It’s all about you—your strengths, your goals, your needs.

Explore Our Curriculum

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  • College Preparatory

    You’ll have an increased level of classwork taught at the high-school level, so you graduate college-ready.
  • Honors

    If you are talented academically, you’ll be challenged by Honors-level courses that offer more subjects and in greater depth, so you’re always stretching. IND offers 54 Honors courses in a wide range of subject areas.
  • Advanced Placement

    These college-level courses require exams and can result in college credit and favorable placement, depending on how you score. IND offers eight AP courses and is adding more each year.

Special Academic Programs

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  • Theserian Scholars

    Freshmen with outstanding academic and personal achievement may become Theresian candidates. When they successfully meet the program's academic and extracurricular requirements (follow link), they are named Theresian Scholars at the end of four years of study and awarded the Theresian Medal.

A School for All Girls

The School Sisters of Notre Dame envisioned the Institute of Notre Dame to be a school that included all girls - and we live up to the faith of our founding mothers. The first quarter of 2013, two of every five students made the honor roll. Eleven percent of IND students are also members of the National Honor Society, a prestigious society that requires rigorous scholarship and community service. These students go beyond academic success and demonstrate excellence “in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.”
Established by the
School Sisters of
Notre Dame in 1847.