Connecting You to a Career and College

Here are the three areas of support offered by IND’s School Counseling Department:
Student Counseling Services: Individual and short-term counseling is available. When needed, the Office of School Counseling refers to outside providers and continues to work with you and your family to provide support in school.
Career and College Counseling: Beginning in your freshman year, you work with the Office of School Counseling to begin and organize your college portfolio, identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the SAT and the ACT college admissions tests.
College Search and Application Process: In your junior year, your individualized college search process kicks into full gear. The Office of School Counseling meets with you and your parents to help you make decisions about college and careers, using a web-based service called Family Connection from Naviance. School Counseling also tracks and analyzes your college and career plan data.

Results Oriented: The Class of 2017 • 76 Graduates • More than $15 Million in Scholarships

This type of individual attention is only possible in a small school, where school counselors work one-on-one with students throughout their high school careers and have strong relationships with college representatives.

Example of Great Relationships: Notre Dame of Maryland University Promise of Tomorrow Scholarships

An excellent example of how longstanding relationships benefit IND students is the close interaction between two SSND institutions: the Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) and IND. Recently NDMU announced a new program called the Alumnae and Alumni in Education—Promise for Tomorrow Scholarships (click link .) The program offers an academically talented student a $40,000, four-year scholarship, with $10,000 to be awarded in each of her four years. Students are nominated by a graduate of NDMU, and multiple students can receive this award. IND has 11 NDMU graduates on staff, making this program an excellent opportunity for IND students.

This is just one of the many opportunities IND students can learn about by working with our experienced staff.
Each year 100 percent of IND’s graduates are accepted into colleges and universities, many
among the top in the nation—and with sizable scholarships. The Class of 2017 set a new record. Seventy-six students earned over $15 million in merit-based scholarships. In addition:
89      Gave nearly 13,000 hours to causes that directly helped the people in our community.
83%   Earned merit-based scholarships.
55%   Were awarded scholarships totaling six figures.
52      Were accepted to the “most” or “highly competitive” universities.
37%   Belonged to National Honors Society
27      Point increase in SAT composite scores

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