Visual and Performing Arts

Recognizing the Unique Contributions of the Arts

Mother Theresa believed the arts as essential to education as math, science and language. The Visual & Performing Arts Program at IND is an integral component of a girl’s high school experience. Students can participate in art, music, theatre, dance and voice.
Arts courses enhance creativity, discipline, social skills, and critical thinking. IND offers introductory classes in theatre arts, choral performance, stagecraft and piano. Advanced performing arts classes include theatre arts, select choir, stagecraft and accompanying.
IND annually produces two full-length stage productions: a fall play and a spring musical. Our students not only perform in these productions but also design scenery, sew costumes, choreograph, and act as stage managers. Two annual concerts also give student actors, vocalists and musicians an opportunity to perform for a large audience.
Studio art classes are offered in general through advanced levels. The art students enjoy being creative and finding unusual solutions to visual problems. Two art exhibits per year allow students to showcase their work.

Visual & Performing Arts Curriculum

The following courses are offered in the arts curriculum. See the curriculum page for more details.

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  • Art

    General Art
    Studio Survey
    Painting I
    Painting II
  • Dance

    Intermediate Dance
    Introduction to Dance
  • Music

    Music Theory
    Introduction to Keyboarding and Piano Skills
    Intermediate Keyboarding and Piano
    Choral Performance
    Select Choir
    The Art of Accompanying
    Instrumental Ensemble
    Vocal / Instrumental Combo
  • Theatre

    Theatre Arts
    Advanced Theatre Arts
    Introduction to Musical Theatre
    Stagecraft - The Fine Art of Creating the Illusion
    Advanced Stagecraft/Production Management
IND awards scholarships to accepted students who plan to join our Visual & Performing Arts Program. Named for IND women in the arts, the awards consist of $3,500 each year for four years.
Established by the
School Sisters of
Notre Dame in 1847.