Theresian Scholars

Reach Your Full Potential as a Theresian Scholar
If you are academically talented, you have a unique opportunity to reach your highest potential through a rigorous curriculum called the Theresian Scholars Program.
  • To qualify, you must have a teacher recommendation, an outstanding middle school record and consistently score above grade level.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Theresian Scholar, you are designated a Theresian Candidate upon acceptance to IND.
  • When you meet the requirements, you are formally deemed a Theresian Scholar at the completion of four years of study at IND.
  • You are awarded the Theresian Medal at the Baccalaureate Liturgy.
 How You Will Benefit as a Theresian
Students who have been named Theresians graduate prepared for the rigors of college and all else that comes their way. The universities they apply to understand they are serious students. Just read what our Theresian Scholar students have to say:
“Colleges notice that I have been challenged at IND and have confidence that I will succeed in their challenging curriculum. I feel lucky to be able to take part in such a great program,” said Grace Derbyshire ’14.
“The Theresian Scholars Program has provided me with time management skills, a good work ethic and a problem-solving mindset that will benefit me in my future endeavors,” said Rebecca Forloine ’14.
“Starting in freshman year, the expectations and requirements of a Theresian Scholar—whether they involved academia, discipline or participation—helped me become an involved and effective member of the IND community,” said Leah Uddeme ’14.
“The Theresian Scholars Program has always encouraged me to do my best and to never give up—no matter how challenging my work load,” said Ayobami Yoyin ’14.
Requirements -  Class of 2022
Fulfill the following requirements at IND and you’ll be named a Theresian Scholar in your senior year.
  • Take eight credits for at least six of eight semesters.
  • Earn yearly final grade of at least 85 in all courses.
  • Earn yearly discipline grade of 90 percent or higher.
  • Take the following courses:
    • Four credits of Religious Studies;
    • Four credits of Honors English;
    • Four credits of Mathematics (three must be at the Honors level);
    • Three credits of Honors Science;
    • Three credits of Honors Social Studies;
    • Three credits of Language (two must be at the Honors level);
    • One credit of Honors Latin;
    • One credit of Visual or Performing Arts;
    • One credit of Computer Science; and
    • One credit of Physical Education or Health.
  • Research and present a scholarly paper and project on a topic of your choice in your senior year.
  • Participate in at least one club or sport.

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