Alumnae Nomination Form

IND Alumnae Association - Officer Duties

President – The President’s responsibilities are as follows:

• The official representative of the Alumnae Association
• Presides over all meetings
• Drafts agenda for all meetings
• Appoints committee chairs
• Sees to it that every officer performs her duty
• Sees that bylaws are observed
• Deciding vote in the case of a tie
• Maintains frequent communication with Coordinator of Alumnae Relations

Vice President – The VP’s responsibilities are as follows:
• Assumes the president’s duties and rights in her absence
• Oversees committees
• Assists the president in all of her duties

Secretary -- The secretary’s responsibilities are as follows:
• Keeps a record of the proceedings of each meeting
• Reads all communications to and from the association
• Assists the president in preparing correspondence from the association

Treasurer – The treasurer’s responsibilities are as follows:
• Makes authorized disbursements and keeps an accurate record of all finances
• Issues receipts for all monies received
• Meets with the director of finance quarterly to go over accounts
• Has signing authority on all association monies
• Provide an annual financial statement to alums attending General Assembly meeting

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Voting takes place on May 10-31
Established by the
School Sisters of
Notre Dame in 1847.