Hustle and Heart will set you apart!

IND is both one mind and one heart, but we are also one team.  The Athletic Department is a significant part of the holistic educational process of the Institute of Notre Dame.
IND encourages all students to participate in athletics by offering a well‐rounded program of interscholastic athletics for young women. 

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The Athletic Department understands and supports the mission of IND. We strive to develop strong athletes, active students and develop our young ladies to trust and believe in themselves. We provide our student-athletes with opportunities to develop leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

The athletic department recognizes the importance and strength of the Alumnae community, and it’s
continuous support. The love the Alumnae have for IND is exceptional. We encourage you to come out
to watch the games and check out the new generation of young women in sports.
We want to continue to make you proud to be a Penguin!

If you are visiting our website for the first time and are interested in attending IND, we would be
happy to speak with you in depth about our athletic program and what we can offer the student.

IND is a member of the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM) and, therefore, follows the rules and regulations of the IAAM.
For further information on the IAAM, please visit

One Mind, One Heart

Three years ago, IND students, teachers and staff developed a theme “One Mind, One Heart” to express and live up to the values we share at IND. It has become so much a part of our community that this year “One Mind, One Heart” has become the foundation of our Sports Ministry Program.
Athletic retreats, prayers and student team ministers now promote the sisterhood and standards that are uniquely IND. Focused on leadership with responsibility, we dedicate ourselves to expressing our vision and core values.
Established by the
School Sisters of
Notre Dame in 1847.