Project Lead the Way® STEM Programs

An issue of great importance to our nation is its standing in STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Student proficiency and interest in these subjects have diminished where the U.S. once excelled, and women and minority group participation are severely underrepresented.

IND responded in the mid-2000s by partnering with the foremost provider of STEM curriculum: Project Lead the Way®. Hailed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education as “a model for 21st century career and technical education,” Project Lead the Way (PLTW) programs have been enthusiastically embraced by IND students, with one of every three students enrolled in the 2013–2014 academic year.

PLTW’s Biomedical Sciences Program was added the fall 2009, the Pathway to Engineering Program in the fall 2012 and the Computer Science will be added in the fall of 2015. The programs allow students to access high paying plentiful jobs in careers where women have traditionally been underrepresented.
Established by the
School Sisters of
Notre Dame in 1847.