IND Students at Model U.N. Conference Students gather in Washington, DC for Model U.N.

IND Students Attend Model U.N. Conference

The Institute of Notre Dame’s (IND) Model United Nations team recently traveled to the District of Columbia for a training conference.
IND’s team was at American University to take part in the Washington International Relations Conference (WIRC). Our girls had the opportunity to meet and learn from students from all over the world, attend workshops and participate in a training simulation.

Model U.N. is an amazing way for young adults to practice using their voices and see the impact it has,” say Grace Gellerman ’21. “It also helps you become well versed in current day situations such as space exploration and arms trade across borders.”

IND junior, Cecilie Nilsen ’21 says it gave her a chance to bring what she is learning in the classroom to life.
“All our committees were on the crisis in the Amazon Rainforest. This is a very pertinent current events issue, so it was interesting to apply things we’ve learned in school about Latin American history to the topic at hand. It also applied to curriculum in AP Environmental Science.”
Applying principles taught in the classroom is not the only benefit for students, says social studies teacher Caitlin Connor ’07. “Model U.N. greatly benefits the students by enhancing their skills in public speaking, research, writing, negotiation, flexibility, and creativity. By participating, girls grow in their self-confidence and ability to speak professionally, both formally and extemporaneously.”

Gellerman agrees with Connor’s assessment saying, “
Through Model U.N. you become more opened minded and it gives you the skill set to be confident in yourself as you do public speaking.”

Whether it’s arguing a side during a debate or giving a big presentation, these are skills that students will continue to use in the classroom and beyond.
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