COVID-19 - Distance Learning Expectations

What to expect as IND transitions to distance learning during COVID-19
Dear IND Community,

As communicated yesterday, IND will be closed to students on Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 16-17 We will begin distance learning on Wednesday, Mar. 18. As outlined, students will learn at home using a variety of online resources and platforms. Considering Governor Hogan’s mandate closing all Maryland public schools, IND has decided to extend online learning until Friday, March 27.

The school building will be closed to students during that time. Should a student experience technical difficulties with her computer, our help desk will be available via email:, during normal school hours. Any computer malfunctions should first be addressed via email through the help desk. If the problem cannot be resolved via email and if warranted by the help desk, a student may bring in her computer to the help desk during specified times. The building will be open on Wednesday, Mar. 18 and Wednesday, Mar. 25 from 9-10:00 a.m. for students to physically access the computer help desk. An assessment will be made at that time and a loaner device may be exchanged for the student’s computer, depending on the issue. I urge everyone to use the computer carrying case, be gentle with their devices, and keep all food and drink away from the keyboard. Loaner computers are in short supply.

Our school counselors and learning specialist will be available via email during normal school hours. They will be communicating with the girls about self-care during this time of uncertainty.

Working from home will be an adjustment for all. We recommend following your normal school routine as much as possible. The girls will be busy during their class times. It is their responsibility to login to each class on time and complete all assigned work as specified by the teacher. Girls should prepare a workspace that is well lit and comfortable. Working on their bed is not advised. We suggest that they place their phones away from their computers, so they are not distracted during online lesson times. This is not the time to have group study sessions or collaborate in person on assignments. Social distancing is strongly encouraged. Our learning specialist will be sending out tips for successful virtual learning in your home environment next week.

IND will reassess the return to school date on March 25 and contact you via email with updates. I appreciate your support and partnership as we work through this evolving health emergency. Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at Be well and take care.

Peace and Blessings,

Lisa Wetzel
Assistance Head of School for Academics
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Notre Dame in 1847.