8 Tips for Distance Learning

On Wednesday, Mar. 18, IND begins distance learning. While it may be new for everyone, it doesn't have to be hard thanks to these top tips.

Due to COVID-19, schools across the country have begun transitioning to online learning and navigating through a new type of classroom. At IND our Distance Learning program is something our faculty and staff have been training for, for quite some time. While it may be new for everyone, it doesn't have to be hard. Our counselors have come up with eight tips to help our girls succeed and effectively communicate online with teachers.

  1. Keep Calm and check your e-mail. Teachers will be checking attendance through e-mail. It’s the best way to communicate about confusion, assignments and anything else that you might need.
  2. Create a functioning workspace in your home. Ensure you have your necessary school supplies in this workspace; it helps to stay productive and avoids wasting time walking around looking for materials. Keep the space clean and tidy to make working there a pleasurable experience.
  3. Eliminate distraction and notify friends and family of your home school hours. Place your phone in a charging station away from your workstation.
  4. Use a timer to manage your schedule. Set a timer for when each class concludes to stay on schedule.
  5. Use a planner to record classes for the day and cross them off as you communicate with teachers and complete them. Record assignments in your planner as well.  Stay on top of the due dates, as they remain relevant. Third quarter grades close 3/26/20.
  6. Communicate with your teachers daily. If you have challenges with work completion or uploading assignments, let them know. They are still your teachers and will teach you virtually.
  7. Follow your daily routine. Set an alarm in the morning and move through your usual school day from the comfort of your home. Be sure to get dressed and start your day with a healthy breakfast.
  8. Choose smart breaks. Your school schedule includes a morning break and lunch. Follow your daily schedule at home. Be sure to avoid texting, social media and TV as break choices. Instead, move! Go outside, take a walk or stretch. Eat a healthy snack.
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