Courtesy: Bob Quick

IND Stands United with Neighboring Church Following Fire

Early Saturday morning, March 28 fire broke out at the Urban Bible Fellowship Church adjacent to IND. Fortunately no injuries have been reported.

Dear IND Community,
As many of you may have seen online and in the news today, the Urban Bible Fellowship Church on Aisquith Street, next to IND caught fire early this morning. Initial reports suggest a lightning strike may have been to blame, but the investigation is ongoing. The steeple of the church, which has become an unofficial iconic symbol for IND did partially collapse and IND did sustain some minimal damage. The extent of that damage is still being determined.
Right now, firefighters remain on scene trying to get the fire under control from the inside of the church. Our thoughts and prayers go out of the community as well as the first responders who are working tirelessly to contain the fire and keep IND’s historic building safe. IND Head of School Christine Szala is on the scene and is being kept informed of the situation and what is happening with our building. Archbishop Lori has reached out with his support as well. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.
Take care,
Christine E. Szala
IND Head of School
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